What you will learn

  •  Real-World Case Studies

    Real-World Case Studies

    Features countless examples and case studies of how corporate culture has played a pivotal role in much admired companies including Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, SAS, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Johnson & Johnson, and many more!

  • Introducing CURx2

    Introducing CURx2

    Introduces CURx2 , an assessment tool and corporate culture sustainability program developed by Owens Management's R&D team for leaders to effectively define, cultivate and maintain a high engagement, high-perforrmance organization.

  •  Lessons from a Proven Leader

    Lessons from a Proven Leader

    Serial entrepreneur John Owens shares his vulnerability, epiphanies, best practices gained, and roller-coaster story that solidified his belief that corporate culture is the critical success factor in building a company of endurance.

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